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Early education consists of foundational skills needed to perform harder skills in the future. The stronger these skills are in students, the more likely they are to have success. This means that curriculum must be structured and follow a system that has been proven to be successful. FHSD169 is implementing this type of curriculum this year.

New research has recently come out showing the correlation between great readers and phonemic awareness. With this in mind, FHSD169 is adopting a new phonics program in grades PreK-2. Phonemic awareness is the ability to understand that spoken words are made up of individual sounds called phonemes. Heggerty gives students an opportunity to engage in consistent skills in many different ways. 

In addition to focusing on reading skills through phonics, a D’Nealian Handwriting Curriculum is also being added in Grades K-5. Writing by hand causes the brain to engage in different ways. FHSD169 is very excited to see the growth in the coming years as a result of these quality programs.