Superintendent’s Message

From the Superintendent’s Pen

Dr. Gregory T. Jackson

Superintendent of Ford Heights School District 169

Ford Heights School District #169 has started the year with much excitement and success. Our teaching staff is more motivated and focused than ever on creating the most personalized educational setting for our students. We are providing new opportunities for success from the moment students step through our doors.

Our staff displays a high level of dedication, teaching skills and individualized student attention. We are proud of adding an after school tutorial STEAM program. We offer rigorous courses as well as numerous opportunities for students to excel in athletics, arts and academic teams. 

Our school district has so much to offer and is seeing so much success. This is a direct result of the wonderful community that surrounds us, the dedicated teachers and support staff in our buildings, and our hard working students.

Dr. Gregory T. Jackson, Superintendent of Ford Heights School District #169