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Superintendent’s Message

From the Superintendent’s Pen

Dr. Gregory T. Jackson

Superintendent of Ford Heights School District 169

The 2023-24 school year provided students with an abundance of knowledge. As we transition to summer vacation, I would like to bring up the concept of “summer slide.” This is a research-backed phenomenon that takes place over the summer primarily among young children. According to many studies, children who do not engage in any learning over the summer have a tendency to lose significant amounts of knowledge. This compounded over many summers can be detrimental to student learning. 

Here are a few things that families can do to help prevent this loss of knowledge. 

  1. Visit libraries around town and let your child pick out books for them to read to themselves as well as more challenging books for an adult to read to them. 
  2. Play games and puzzles that allow children to use critical thinking and basic math skills. 
  3. Join a summer reading program.
  4. Allow time for academic screentime (see some great sites on our main page).
  5. Have your child spend a half an hour each morning to choose if they would like to read, journal about their summer vacation or do some math. Getting this done early can help it happen more consistently. 
  6. Have your child complete the summer packet sent home by their teacher.

Students have worked hard this year to gain new skills. Let’s gain even more over the summer. Thank you for your cooperation and dedication to your child’s education.

Dr. Gregory T. Jackson, Superintendent of Ford Heights School District #169