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Superintendent’s Message

From the Superintendent’s Pen

Dr. Gregory T. Jackson

Superintendent of Ford Heights School District 169

Our school year is going well and I know that is a result of our outstanding teachers, dedicated students and supportive community. When parents and teachers collaborate, it is always in the best interest of students. 

Parents who are engaged in their child’s education and communicate regularly with their child’s teacher send the message to students that they care about their child’s education and want to see them succeed. This collaboration can give parents specific ways to encourage, compliment and help their child. Our teachers are very willing to work with parents to make their child’s education the best it can be.

Whether your child is in kindergarten or in eighth grade, please take the time to collaborate with your teacher. I thank you, our teachers thank you, and most importantly, your child thanks you. 

Dr. Gregory T. Jackson, Superintendent of Ford Heights School District #169