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Cottage Grove Upper Grade Center

Cottage Grove Upper Grade Center is committed to providing a quality education in an environment where all children can learn and all children can be served, by a committed and well-trained staff. We focus on enabling our students to use technology as entry tools for the 21st century.

The Cottage Grove Upper Grade Center serves students in grades 5 – 8 in an environment “where educational excellence is inspired.” The school features fully equipped science labs and a Media Center with a state of the art design.

Students attending our school are welcomed by faculty and staff who work daily to make learning innovative and fun. Each student is recognized as an individual and is nurtured and encouraged to be a leader of today in preparation for tomorrow. They are also motivated to take responsibility for their own learning and to encourage their classmates to do the same.

Students attend four core classes: Reading, Math, Social Studies and Science. Reading and Math classes are blocked to provide 90 minutes of class time daily. Additionally, students participate in elective classes of Art, and Business Education. Physical Education is also offered daily to all students. Extra-curricular activities include basketball and track for girls and boys as well as volleyball and cheerleading for girls. Cottage Grove also has a student band that meets weekly.

During the period 2006 – 2009, Cottage Grove Upper Grade Center was recognized as an Illinois Spotlight School for its continued improvement on State Mandated Tests.

The faculty and staff are committed to working untiringly to ensure that the school continues its upward academic growth.


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