Ford Heights School District 169 Office: (708) 758-1370

Strong parental involvement is centrally important to any school system. Ford Heights promotes the engagement of parents because without parental engagement, the administration and teachers can be only marginally successful. Studies indicate that children whose parents take an active role in their formal education tend to do better in school. Educator and author Dorothy Rich says, “In this complex world, it takes more than a good school to educate children. And it takes more than a good home. It takes these two major educational institutions working together.” Truly, “it takes a village (and parents) to raise (educate) a child.”

In Ford Heights 169, parental involvement is promoted through the activities of the Parent Center. Activities include annual events coupled with weekly and monthly activities that provide parents with opportunities for self development. Workshops and training also help to aid parents in learning how to best assist their children with both academic and social development.

For more information please contact Dr. Sharon Rivers at  (708) 758-1370 or (708) 758-1372.