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  1. – Games and videos about things that kids may not learn in school. Super fun and educational. 
  2. – This site helps preschoolers through third graders learn the basics such as letter, numbers, colors and rhyming.
  3. – Developed by MIT, this site helps your child learn computer programming. They can make animations, games and stories. 
  4. – Practice exercises, instructional videos and personalized learning. Contains useful content, organized by grade level and in line with curriculum.
  5. – Let children explore outer space via a guide named Nebula. Download hands-on STEM activities to do at home.
  6. – Educational games for school aged children (K-6).
  7. – Interactive games, books, videos and printables to help students develop skills in reading, math, problem solving and literacy.
  8. – Spelling practice and games for school aged children. 
  9. – A brain-training site for everyone! Use logic, thinking and math to play fun games. 
  10. – Online reading websites. Provides many books and read-to-me books and videos.