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Proper Sleep Can Increase Success in the Classroom

Getting enough sleep is important for children of all ages. Even as adults, sleep is a time when the body can recharge and repair. Repair takes place throughout the body, especially in the brain. Studies have shown that the brain of someone who is not getting regular sleep looks similar to that of a drug […]

Help Your Child Get More Exercise

In today’s world, kids have ample exposure to screens and spend a lot of time sitting. This is having an impact on kids’ health and happiness. Here are some tips to help them ditch the screens and move more. 

Attendance Adds Up

Attendance is one of the most important factors in determining a child’s success in school. Absences, especially at the elementary level, may seem like they are not a big deal, but as you can see by viewing the chart below, it all adds up. Please make sure to send your child to school everyday.  Missing… […]

Can’t Volunteer? Try this!

Volunteering in the classroom is not always something parents can do. Luckily, it isn’t the only way to foster your child’s education. According to the National Education Association (NEA), here are four tips for what parents can do outside the classroom to help their child succeed. 

A Growth Mindset Fosters Success

Some children are born with an inner drive to keep trying over and over when they fail. Most children aren’t, though, and it is up to us to help them see that failing is actually the key to succeeding.  Teaching our children the word YET is key. They may come to you and say, “I […]

Celebrate March is Reading Month

Reading is celebrated across the nation during the month of March. Ford Heights has many activities planned in our buildings, but you can also celebrate at home with your child. Here are some great ways to incorporate reading into the month of March and beyond. 1.      Go Book Shopping. This can be done […]

Help your Child be a Successful Student

Every parent wants to help their child do their best in school. Here are some tangible things that can be done at home to help foster success at school. 

Build your Child’s Vocabulary to Increase Comprehension

With the increase of screen time, communication has been happening less and less. This is having an impact on children’s ability to develop vocabulary. Here are some ways that you can help your child increase their vocabulary. 

Embrace Boredom in Childhood

We live in a fast-paced world with an abundance of instant gratification and constant entertainment. Have you ever paused to think about what this is creating in our children? As a result of this, children are faced with less challenges, less opportunities to communicate and no time to use their imaginations.  The next time your […]