Cottage Grove

Williams, Lekeisha

James, Ryan

Hoekstra, Angelique

Brookins, Courtney

Richardson, Diane

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800 E. 14th Street

Ford Heights, IL  60411

Ph:    (708) 758-1400

Fax:   (708) 758-0711

Principal - Mrs. Sharon  P. Rivers:

Assistant Principal - Ms. Chantel  L. Jones:


Book(s) of the Month

The Book of the Month is facilitated as a school wide reading activity. Each day of the month, passages of the selected book are read orally and discussed in each homeroom. This activity provides yet another opportunity for students to develop an interest in leisure time reading.  We encourage our parents to demonstrate an interest in reading by participating in the Book of the Month activity sponsored by the Parent Center.   

Principal's Message

   Welcome to Cottage Grove Upper Grade Center

Rivers, Sharon P.


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