Administrative Team at Ford Heights School District 169


Superintendent of Schools Dr. Gregory T. Jackson

Administration Dr. Gregory T. Jackson

Dr. Gregory T. Jackson

Superintendent of Schools
(708) 758-1370

Administrative Assistant

Mrs. Gloria Lymore
(708) 758-1370 ext. 11

Assistant Superintendent of Business Administration & Operations Mrs. Coretta Jackson

Administration Mrs. Coretta Jackson

Mrs. Coretta Jackson

Coordinator of Business Affairs
(708) 758-1370

Administrative Assistant

Mrs. Carla Hawkins
(708) 758-1370 ext. 19

Director of Curriculum & Instruction Mrs. Marilyn Barnes

Administration Mrs. Marilyn Barnes

Mrs. Marilyn Barnes

Director of Curriculum & Instruction
(708) 758-1370

Administrative Assistant

Mrs. Vivian Carter

Principal of Medgar Evers Primary Academic Center Ms. Monique Johnson

Administration Ms. Monique Johnson

Ms. Monique Johnson

(708) 758-2520

Administrative Assistant

Ms. Latina Wilson
(708) 758-2520

Principal of Cottage Grove Upper Grade Center Dr. Sharon P. Rivers

Administration Dr. Sharon P. Rivers

Dr. Sharon P. Rivers

(708) 758-1400 ext. 15

Administrative Assistant

Robin Norris

Assistant Principal of Cottage Grove Upper Grade Center Ms. Chantel Jones

Administration Ms. Chantel Jones

Ms. Chantel Jones

Assistant Principal
(708) 758-1400

Administrative Assistant

Robin Norris

Director of Technology Mr. Jason Scott

Administration Mr. Jason Scott

Mr. Jason Scott

Director of Technology
(708) 758-1370 ext. 17